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find Worldwide Issued LEIs.

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number of LEIs 1421329
data status 2019-05-17
data file LEI-Level1-Concatenated

Our search function will help you to quickly find all available LEI numbers and entities online. This way, you will have all the information on LEI number holders and their corporate structures, and you can quickly verify your LEI’s status.
Register LEI’s search is complemented by a user-friendly Auto Suggest feature as well as
intuitive design. This will make it easy for you to search for LEIs.
If you are looking for your own LEI, please note that all LEIs must be verified by GLEIF and
will only show up after being processed. Also, please note the status below the input box you

Why should I search for a LEI?
In general, there are two reasons to look up LEIs. One is to find information on business
partners, the other one is to check the status of your own LEIs.